Building your Brand

It’s more than just a website, or a profile… it’s your personal brand. These days, branding takes a lot more than a logo. On Nov. 30, #wjchat held a conversation on building your brand and doing it successfully. Check out my storify!


Shopping Smart

Box o' coupons

It is never to early to start saving money. KOMU-TV has a franchise called “8 on Your Money,” done by very own Angie Bailey. Her work inspired me to start collecting coupons and seeking tips on how to save at the grocery store. So far, I’m a baby couponer, but have tips to share:

  • Check the Sunday paper every week to get the best coupon inserts. RedPum, P&G and Smart Saver are the ones to look for.
  • Grocery store ads come out each week on Wednesday. Get the ads online, in store, or on an iPhone app to use other stores’ deals at a place where you can ad match…
  • Figure out which stores ad match. In Columbia, Patricias and Walmart are the only stores that ad match.
  • Combine your coupons with ad matching deals to save the most money.

I’m still learning the ways, but I’ll keep you posted on my adventures in saving money.

News Industry Profile

For #jenclass, I had the opportunity to interview a journalist who makes a living by tweeting all day. Check it out here.