Multimedia at its Best

I love seeing journalists create multimedia websites and stories. They take an idea, person or issue and turn it into a piece told in different mediums that an audience isn’t used to seeing. One site I recently discovered is the New York Times series “One in 8 Million.” The piece features stories about the different people who live in New York City. Watching and listening to the stories, I learned about the history and culture of each person and

how the city brings together people with many different backgrounds.

Clicking on one of the photos featured on the stream of photos on the website, the viewer learns about the person’s s

tory, life and job through photos and sound bites. This type of storytelling allows the audience to see the person through their perspective. My favorite story is Louise Nicholas, the Jury Clerk. I got to see how she works and what she goes through as a jury clerk.

Multimedia journalism is the present and future of journalism. Stories now contain components of more than just a text piece or a video piece. Stories are being told in a new way and it will continue to change from here. When I work at the news station, I am constantly thinking of how I can tell the story I am working on differently on the web. I wish I could spend more time molding each story into something bigger for our website, but I do have to go home and sleep eventually.

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